About Us

Why are we different?

  • Our team works together seamlessly on holistic strategies, while each is passionate about their individual areas of expertise.

  • We have a local, down-to-earth vibe, while being in touch with the issues of today and looking to the concerns of tomorrow.

  • We bring our authenticity and transparency to your brand and goals, and fill in the gaps to get you there.

Meet the 1909 DIGITAL team.

What’s up with the year 1909?

We’re from Indianapolis—a city brimming with the proud tradition of Hoosier hospitality and a buzz for technology and customer experience. Being the Crossroads of America, Hoosiers are scrappy. In 1909 Mayor Bookwalter laid the City Hall cornerstone with the inscription “I am, myself, a citizen of no mean city.”

“No mean” was used frequently at the time to describe something as impressive, or not insignificant. The quote saw a resurgence as a community touchstone for LGBTQ rights in the wake of the 2015 RFRA legislation and resulting “Indy Welcomes All” campaign. It was at that point that Indy being “No mean city” took on a whole new meaning.

Our team—1909 DIGITAL—is inspired by the juxtaposition of this 1909 Hoosier history and the potential of the digital future. 1909 was a big year for Indianapolis. It was also the year the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was built! Locals may notice our reference to the Circle City in our logo, a nod to Indianapolis’ nickname and the symbolic Monument Circle.

We’re proud to have Hoosier hospitality at the center of our business model, even as we have an eye towards global issues.

Let’s not chase the market.
Let’s define it.

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We’re located in Indianapolis on land which is currently occupied and is the ancestral territory of the Miami, Shawnee, and Potawatomi people.