We’re a team who augments yours.

We’re 1909 DIGITAL—a digital marketing agency offering end-to-end services across owned, paid, and earned media. What makes us special are the humans behind the strategy. We’re digital veterans who are over the BS and instead are building a transparent agency with a personal approach. Our leadership team has collectively spent over 35 years on both the agency and client side, in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. After seeing what works and what doesn’t, we’re really proud to bring results and authenticity to what we do.

We’re a team who augments yours. We listen to what you need, and don’t stop until we’ve helped you succeed.

Our team has a breadth of experience, including:

  • a penchant for writing

  • a passion for content strategy

  • a clear vision for conversion

  • a holistic approach to digital marketing and depth of expertise


Lori Byrd-McDevitt


When it comes to getting people tuned in to your digital channels, Lori gets it done. As the Manager of Digital Content and Social Media at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for ten years, she boosted social media engagement by 600% and built a loyal community of influencers from the ground up. She’s a leader among cultural sector social media professionals, impacting the sector through publications, speaking engagements, and online community building. She also served for three years on the Board of Directors for the Museum Computer Network (MCN). Her specialties include social media campaign management, influencer marketing, online community management, and crisis communications.

Lori loves to travel with her two sons and take in a reality tv show or two (or three.)

jarred juett

Jarred Juett


Jarred is a web technology aficionado, ensuring content plays well with search engines and advertising algorithms alike. With his expertise in paid media, SEO, web optimization, inbound strategy, and data analytics, he helped bring in millions in revenue for both Fortune 500 corporations and boutique agencies. He manages paid advertising, analytics, and search and conversion optimization strategies for all 1909 clients.

When he isn’t building digital marketing ecosystems, Jarred enjoys traveling, gaming of all sorts, soaking up music and music trivia, and spending time with his friends and family.

Chris Theisen


Chris is a marketing tech geek and proud of it. In high school he was voted by his technology teacher as most likely to be the next Bill Gates. Oddly enough he can’t stand Microsoft products. With experience on the brand, agency and software sides of the business Chris can understand the needs of every faction of a project. If a project calls for e-commerce, marketing automation, strategy or anything related to a marketing tech stack tool Chris will be at his happiest. 

His wide ranging background has exposed Chris to nearly any channel, tactic or strategy that could be leveraged to get results. Driving revenue for clients is what makes Chris want to get out of bed in the morning.

Logan Acton

creative director

Logan is endlessly curious and an inveterate learner. After three college degrees and nearly a decade in higher education studying art and design, Logan spent four years leading instruction in the rigorous Foundation program at the Kansas City Art Institute, teaching everything from drawing and photography to sculpture and digital animation. As co-director of an art gallery during this time, he was part of a small team that put on exhibitions, developed programming, and managed promotion and fundraising. Passionate about collaboration and craft, he loves high level visual strategy as much as the work on the ground pushing pixels and shaping paths.

When he isn’t reading type blogs or design theory, Logan loves being with his two-year-old daughter, Alma — playing trains, pretending to be planes, and always dancing. Along with his partner, Stefanie, he enjoys craft coffee and the quest for the ultimate vegan Reuben. Logan maintains his studio art practice and loves talking type, sculpture, and all things art.

Andrew Dorsett

director of accounts

Andrew’s never-ending desire to problem solve, strategize, plan, and communicate make him the perfect choice to lead 1909’s accounts. He managed and developed over $100 million in retail business between 2019-2021 using this unique skillset. Andrew’s career path comes full circle stepping into 1909; his first career was in digital marketing in 2011 before he transitioned into sales and distribution. He enjoys competition, winning, and using goals as checkpoints, always going above and beyond to meet client needs while continuously learning along the way.

When Andrew isn’t increasing revenue and brand recognition, he enjoys catching up on sports, shooting a game of pool, and spending time with his wife Erika and their two boys.

Andrea Ledesma

Andrea Ledesma

marketing data and systems consultant

Andrea spends a lot of time on the internet. A self-proclaimed digital public human, she’s endlessly fascinated with how technology connects people to history, culture, and each other. She’s also a systems super fan. From building digital products to optimizing workflows, she’ll investigate and implement the tools for an effective solution. Her expertise includes content development, product management, digital strategy, and website management. In her five years working in the cultural sector, Andrea is proud to have contributed to website redesigns, chatbots, national conferences, and more. She’s excited to imagine with others the future of museum technology—and find ways to make it happen. 

Offline, you can find Andrea making her way through a cookbook she didn’t need but definitely still bought, or walking around Chicago saying “hello!” to all the dogs in her neighborhood.

Brittney Mason

digital content strategist

Brittney is a problem-solver, communicator, and loves to tell you she solved a problem you’ve been facing. She began working in newspaper advertising and grew into the digital space as the industry evolved. She has an in-depth background in digital marketing strategy and content creation. As a long-time Indianapolis lifestyle blogger and leader within the regional influencer space, Brittney enjoys writing, copyediting, and creating social content with a bold and transparent voice.

When Brittney is not online, she enjoys exploring farmer’s markets, finding delicious food, attending concerts, and playing at the park with her husband, Brett, three-year-old daughter, Clara, and identical twin boys, Pierce and Beck. She loves all things reality tv, athleisure, reading, iced lattes, and John Mayer.

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