People literally pay us for these services.

… That must mean we’re pretty good at them.

We’re a tight-knit, fully remote team with a passion for non-profits and the cultural sectorWe’re agile and flexible, accessible and authentic, and fully aligned from the get-go.

Not a nonprofit? Don’t worry, we love you, too! Our client roster includes everyone from B2B industrial companies to small businesses and service professionals. We’re here to smash your goals, no matter your size. See our list of past and present clients and learn more about how we help clients like you in the real world.

What We Offer

Audience & Brand Messaging

Reach your goals by knowing who you’re trying to reach. Learn their motivations and barriers, where to find them, and how to speak to them with brand-focused messaging.

Marketing Audits

Auditing your current digital channels builds on your success, addresses your challenges, and directs you to entirely new solutions. Analyze your competitors to take insights up a notch.

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy must be actionable and relevant to your budget and needs. Aligning goals and tactics with your audiences, tools, and timelines improves the bottom line.

Digital Transformation

Increase efficiency by adapting your workflow process, tools, and internal communications to the hybrid work culture you’re already living.

Campaign & Content Planning

Save your sanity and cut down on daily content churn with planning processes and tools which lead to consistency, efficiency, and cross-platform success.


Fine tune your messaging, creative, and audience segmentation to set your brand apart from the competition.

Data Cleanliness

Clean and recent data allows you to make better decisions to reach your goals. Refine the flow of data, standardize data description, and improve your organization’s data culture.

Marketing Technology Consultation

Refresh your tech stack and untangle your organization’s digital footprint by streamlining platforms, cutting unnecessary costs, and improving understanding of the flow of data.

What about all the other stuff?

We help with that, too! Ask us about content production, photography, videography, email segmentation and sends, social media management, graphic design, digital advertising, SEO, and website design.

How We Work

Here’s what it looks like to work alongside Team 1909:

We’re collaborative

No one knows your organization better than you do. We involve you and your team in discovery sessions to ensure we have a deep understanding of your brand.

We’re flexible

1909 lives and breathes Agile Marketing. We plan tasks for your projects in concentrated Sprints. If something blocks our work, we are flexible enough to shift tasks.

We’re family-first

Our team motto is “Family first, health first, mental health first.” Nothing is more important. We encourage our clients to care for themselves and their partners.

We’re transparent

You have access to all deliverables at every step of the process — we don’t work in the shadows while preparing your documents.

Learn more about how we apply these fundamentals to our process:

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We’re located in Indianapolis on land which is currently occupied and is the ancestral territory of the Miami, Shawnee, and Potawatomi people.