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Meet Terentia: Helping museums share content through DAMS

1909 is the marketing agency for museums. Members of our team have deep experience and passion for museums and the cultural sector. We know this industry inside and out.    Our Co-Founder Lori likes to say there is life after museums—and sometimes that life includes museums. Not all of our clients are museums, but some […]

Lori with laptop in Speakeasy

A year of digital transformation—Lori Byrd-McDevitt reflects

The month of March may not ever lose the sting that comes with reminiscences of quarantine and urgent closures. As cultural sector professionals and supporters, we hold space for our friends and colleagues who have faced immense professional and personal challenges this year from museum closures, layoffs, and furloughs. Due to our close ties to […]

A video still of Rocky Walls sitting in a chair in front of a window giving an interview to the camera

Meet 12 Stars Media: Our go-to for video storytelling

The co-owners of 1909—Jarred, Chris, and I—love to have tongue-in-cheek debates about who is “better friends” with the long-time digital marketers we’ve known for years. (We think we’re hilarious, but our team members probably think we’re obnoxious.) Indianapolis is “the world’s biggest small town” where we’re lucky to have grown up knowing most of the […]

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