Leveraging your PPP loan to digitally transform your business

Let’s set the scene: You’re a small or midsize brick and mortar business that depends on foot traffic, or maybe you need those in-person meetings to survive. You’ve miraculously received your PPP loan from the government. Congratulations! But not so fast. The many restrictions put on businesses like yours have you rethinking how you’ll operate […]

1909 Digital Co-founders | digital marketers

Greetings and gratitude.

Hi! Thanks for being here. For the 1909 DIGITAL team, there’s a heckuva lot to be grateful for. And not an ounce of it is lost on us. Right now, we’re 40-ish days into our stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19. Jarred, Brandon, and I are watching as small businesses collapse every day and many of […]

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We’re located in Indianapolis on land which is currently occupied and is the ancestral territory of the Miami, Shawnee, and Potawatomi people.