Logan Acton and daughter Alma

The Path is Rarely a Straight Line

Before and After and Around As a maker, thinking about meaning constitutes a pretty significant chunk of what I do. Often this translates to spending time with a work of art and attempting to put language to its web of ‘what’ and ‘how’ and ‘why’ sort of questions. While this is certainly part of the […]

Making Our Digital Work…Work Better

It’s hard to begin my conference reflections when I’m not on a plane. But these days our lives are virtual. Like many of our peers in the museum world, over the last two weeks Lori and I have been living double-lives. We are very much still at work, but also at #MCN2020 VIRTUAL, an online […]

There’s always more than what meets the eye

We’re a proud team of creative strategists and digital marketing experts with in-depth skillsets running the gamut of owned media, branding and messaging, and paid and earned media. (And that’s just our internal team!) We work with our clients to layout a foundational strategy that works for them and their individual needs, which means we […]

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