Off the Tee, Into Reality | Chris Theisen

When I got into digital marketing I didn’t have a formal marketing background. While that would seem to many as a detriment, it’s served me well over my 10+ year career. I try to approach things as a user. When I write, it’s normally from the perspective of the person on the other side of […]

Bringing Kurves to 1909 | Sierra Holmes

American Writer and social media enthusiast Jay Baer was quoted saying, “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” I’ve built a business around this theory…and it’s what connected me to Lori, one of the fearless founders here at 1909 DIGITAL. We both have an appreciation for the power of social media in a strategic marketing […]

You may not know me yet, but 1909 is where I belong | Ben Peterson

“I AM, MYSELF, A CITIZEN OF NO MEAN CITY” – 1909 Indianapolis City Hall inscription I’m new here, but that spoke to me. I’ll be honest, I know absolutely nothing when it comes to Indianapolis history (or Indiana as a whole for that matter). I’m brand new to the 1909 team and only know the […]

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