Indy Star black and white photo of a crowd gathered around mayor laying a cornerstone at a construction site with a banner overhead reading Stand Up for Indianapolis No Mean City

“We Are No Mean City.” Reflecting on 1909 in Indianapolis…in 2021

1909 DIGITAL is an academically “Evocative” brand name. It’s slightly mysterious. When done right, an evocative name should cause people to ask, “What does it mean?” Things have gone just as planned for us. The story behind 1909 DIGITAL has inspired us from day one. It has built meaning into our brand and it’s let […]

Welcome to 1909 DIGITAL, Joel!

Always Learning, Every day I learn something new. Sometimes its small like a new keyboard shortcut or a TV show I’ve never heard of before. Other times, more often than you’d think, the thing I learn sends me down a rabbit hole about a historical event or changes the way I operate my daily life. […]


A Superior Product with Superior Support | Marketpath CMS

In a year full of transition and the changing landscape of what is considered “normal,” we’ve seen brands struggle to keep up with the digital demands of doing business online. Whether you want to call this a “new normal” or a temporary change in the way business is done, there’s no doubt digital is more […]

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