Finding the Right Fit | Kelly Musick

I wasn’t one that knew definitively what she wanted to be when she grew up, other than maybe a famous photographer. While that didn’t work out like I had planned, I HAVE worked in multiple industries over the years, from food distribution to medical billing and collections. Each of these experiences taught me many things, […]

1909 team sitting on couches in front of a window at the Peace Learning Center


If anything is necessary regarding 2021, it’s a good reflection session with plenty of focus on the big wins and a healthy discussion about the challenges. It’s easy to get hung up on a couple losses, but at 1909 DIGITAL, we know that we always land in the best place. Not landing a project we […]

The Great Museum Exodus

Lori comes from a strong museum background, clocking 10+ years as Manager of Digital Content at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. She’s passionate about mental health and the museum industry, so it was no surprise to see her using her expertise to write about both—the exodus happening with professionals in the museum sector. This phenomenon […]

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We’re located in Indianapolis on land which is currently occupied and is the ancestral territory of the Miami, Shawnee, and Potawatomi people.